Aspicus and the Art of Photography

From Snapper to Shooter (hopefully)

Why am I taking this course?

It is worth putting down why I’m taking this course.  Photo has been a hobby of mine for the last year or so.  Before that I enjoyed the opportunity to take snaps (such as on holiday), but never really took photos otherwise.   After opening a Flickr account to share some photos with family in another country, I saw what sort of images could be achieved if people put their minds to it and was hooked.  I bought a DSLR and started taking photographs because I enjoyed the act of taking the image, and the outputs.  Over the last year I’ve been regularly taking photos, reading books and magazines.  One thing I find it difficult to do is slow down and think about what I’m doing – before and during each shot (great at doing it afterwards which is usually a bit late).  The lifetime habits of being a holiday snapper are hard to break.  I decided to take a photography course in order to make me slow down, to think about what I was doing, to consider the options.  After a lot of searching on the internet I came up with the OCA course.  The OCA offers several courses on photography (and other arts) and you can convert them to a BA(Hons) after a while.  If the time needed seems manageable and I enjoy the course then I hope to continue onto a qualification.


5 March 2009 - Posted by | General

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