Aspicus and the Art of Photography

From Snapper to Shooter (hopefully)

My kit at the start of the course

I thought I better  list my kit at the start of the course. I’ll add additional posts as and if I get new stuff.

Currently I have:

  • a Nikon D300 DSLR
  • 2 lenses – a Nikon 18-55 AF-s DX f3.5-5.6 G (the kit lens) and a 18-200 AF-S DX VR f3.5-5.6 G.  I nearly exclusive use the latter (in fact I must remember to investigate selling the former).
  • Remote shutter release (Phottix – recommended as about a third of the price of the official ones)
  • a tripod (Manfrotto 190XProB) and head (Manfrotto 488RC2)
  • Flash (Nikon SB-600)
  • A circular screw-type polariser

The reason I got a D300 in the first place was that I knew I would be doing photography at some level for a long time, I’m not scared at all of gadgetry or switches and so on, so thoguht that I may as well splash out that bit more and get something that will do me for life (or 150,000 shutter releases at least looking at the specs).  For the 18-200, rather than get a load of very nice  lenses (all of which are pretty pricey).  I thought I would get a nice expensive, but very versatile lens initially then start filling the gaps as I went along.  Lenses seem to retain a lot of value on the second-hand market so I should be OK in the long run.

Things I would like to get are:

  • all the other types of filters listed in the course notes (ND, GND, colour filters etc).  Still torn whether to get rectangular type filters (e.g. Cokin) or the screw in type.  Former seems better for e.g. GND, but latter seems better quality wise for things like ND.
  • a proper wide-angle lense (e.g. something well under 20mm)
  • maybe a cheap and cheerful 50mm standard lens (£70 or so last time I checked)

6 March 2009 - Posted by | Equipment

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