Aspicus and the Art of Photography

From Snapper to Shooter (hopefully)


My name is Andy and I live in the UK.  This blog doubles as my learning log book for The Art of Photography (TAOP) course run by the Open College of the Arts (OCA).  It contains (or will contain) details on all the course projects, assessments and any photography related thoughts or notes I may have on the way.  In particular it will contain information on what/where/when/why/how images were taken, and notes on the images of others that I find inspiring or relevant.  As well as containing details as to such OCA related stuff,  I’ll occasionally hack down general thoughts and ideas.  This might mean the front page of the blog starts to look a bit cluttered.   If you just want details on Projects then click on the Projects category below.  They should be in the order they are in the course.

I will put a photo of me up at some point, but at the moment I’m holding out for the section about how to make anyone look fantastic in a photo.  I’ll need it.

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